Boone County Indicators 2008

Health and Mental Health
Prevalence of Obesity, Smoking Rate and Uninsured Status

Behavioral Risk Factors in Boone County, 2003 - 2007

Prevalence of Obesity

Definition: The prevalence of obesity in adults.

Rationale: Obesity is a growing problem in Boone County and is the precursor to a number of chronic diseases. It can be associated with poor nutrition and lack of physical activity. It has a potential to involve several areas of policy change: healthy foods in school vending machines, increasing fruits and vegetables in school menus, offering more physical activity in schools, providing more activity opportunities in the community, better bike/walking paths, etc.

Smoking Rate

Definition:The rate of adults who are regular smokers.

Rationale:Smoking is directly related to a multitude of health conditions and usually begins in childhood. The problem is influenced by school and community policies. If a community can significantly decrease the smoking rates it will reduce a large number of other conditions including myocardial infarctions, lung cancer, asthma attacks, bladder cancer, etc, etc.

Uninsured Status

Definition: The percent of individuals with no health insurance coverage.

Rationale: Lack of health insurance is a barrier in access to health services and is related to several health indicators. Most uninsured Missourians are in working families and are almost entirely under the age of 65. It is an indicator of racial and ethnic disparities in health status.

Data Source: Department of Health and Senior Services Missouri Information for Community Assessment (MICA) This site uses data specific to obesity and provides comparison with state and regional data, if desired.

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