Boone County Indicators 2008

Health and Mental Health
Emergency Room Statistics for Boone County Due to Mental Disorders

Emergency Room Visits for Boone County Due to Mental Disorders, 2003-2007

Definition: ER visits by age for mental illness and injury (which includes self-inflicted injury).

Rationale: ER data are consistently reported. The specific category of mental health exists in MICA. Self-injury is an indicator of mental health status.

Data Source: Department of Health and Senior Services Missouri Information for Community Assessment (MICA) This site uses regularly collected data specific to mental health emergency room visits and provides comparison with state and other county data, if desired. The data are published for the previous year, and comparisons can be made with previous years.

Community Mental Health Indicators

The Boone County Indicators Committee recognizes that the mental health status of community members has a broad impact across the community. The indicators included in this document are not fully representative of that impact because they are limited to those which are readily available and routinely collected.

The most comprehensive study of this issue at the local level is the Boone County Mental Health Needs Assessment which was conducted by the Boone County Mental Health Board of Trustees and published in 2004. This report is not published on a regular basis.

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