Boone County Indicators 2008

School (by District)
Attendance Rate

Attendance Rate Percent, 2004 - 2009

Definition: The attendance rate of students attending public schools in Boone County including Southern Boone County, Hallsville, Sturgeon, Centralia, Harrisburg, and Columbia. The attendance rate is reported by December 1 of the following year.

Rationale: This statistic meets most criteria. These data indicate the attendance rates by school and school district. Often there is a lower attendance rate in schools where there are significant numbers of children who are at-risk of being unsuccessful at school. These data are also used on a daily basis by the Columbia/Boone County health department to monitor illness and the possibility of bio-terrorism in this community.

Data Source: Every school district in the State of Missouri figures average daily attendance. Data by school district are found at

Attendance Rate Boone County School Districts, 2009

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