Boone County Indicators 2008

School (by District)
Percent of Fourth Graders Proficient in Math

Percent of Fourth Graders Proficient in Math, 2004 - 2009
*In 2006 the state implemented a new MAP and revised definition of proficient.

Definition: The percent of students in public schools in Boone County who perform at the “proficient level” in math. These data will be based on Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) data in grades 3rd and 4th. The data are reported by December 1, the following year that the assessment was administered.

Rationale: This statistic meets most criteria and demonstrates the level of achievement of students in school districts. These data can be found for every school, school district, and the state of Missouri. Data like these can be found nationwide but are not necessarily comparable because the definition of “proficiency” and the manner in which proficiency is determined is different in every state.

Data Source: Data are by school, school district, and for the state of Missouri by referring to each district’s Report Card and Annual Performance Report at

Percent of Fourth Graders Proficient in Math, 2009

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